Patricia Kaas – Interview Femina

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Here is an interview Patricia Kaas did for the Femina. Thanks Sandrine! :)
Interview: Patricia Kaas tells us in confidence

The singer Patricia Kaas will perform in Zermatt on the 15th of April 2015. Before she comes to Switzerland she tells us about what is going on now with her and what she is doing right now.

Femina: You will perform in Switzerland, in Zermatt, is that something special for you?
Patricia: Yes, because it is a one of a kind concert and specially made for this festival. On top of that I love singing in Switzerland, because I spend 7 very good years of my life in Zürich.

Femina: What do you like in this country?
Patricia: The mountains, the lakes, the fondues, the purity of the air, the sympathy and the openness of the people and I still have some friends there.

Femina: After the festival, will you profit from your stay in the mountains to spend some holidays in this surroundings?
Patricia: I will stay some days in Zermatt, because I like the mountains very much. It is the first time that I visit this place, but people told me that it is very nice!

Femina: Since the “Kaas chante Piaf” Tour you did very little concerts. What did tempt you to perform at “Zermatt Unplugged”?
Patricia: You are right, after I finished my tour in Tbilisi in Georgia at the 1st of June 2014, I haven’t done any concerts. I was exhausted and I needed a break. And what tempted me? The way the festival is set up, the place and the fact to do a one of a kind concert and to do again my own songs.

Femina: Which artists are you going to see perform?
Patricia: I like Anastacia very much and I would love to see some other artists as well.

Femina: Do you consider yourself to be an ambassador of the French culture abroad?
Patricia: The media write that, but I will go wherever I am invited, wherever people ask me to go and wherever I do have fans.

Femina: What are your artistic projects for 2015?
Patricia: I am going to work on my new album

Femina: Becoming a member of the jury in for instance “The Voice”, is that something you would like to do?
Patricia: Not especially. I don’t like to judge other artists.

And the French text here:

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Patricia Kaas – Article “Matin Dimanche”

Hi everybody,
Here is the article from Matin Dimanche. Big thanks to Yulia from! :D
This is the translation:
In a phone conversation Patricia says that she didn’t know the Zermatt Unplugged Festival. But everybody told her, that it is wonderful and that she will love the surroundings.
She will be staying there for a few days to enjoy it.
She also says that after “Kaas chante Piaf” she loves to do her own songs again. “Kaas chante Piaf” was very organised and within some borders and now she wants to do something more simple and natural.
So it will be 1,5 hours of acoustic songs. And the concert will be specially arranged for this occasion.
She also says that she was planning on creating a new album in 2015 and then touring in 2016. But she wants to live a life as a woman too. Not always only the life of an artist. So she wants to enjoy life a bit before being an artist again.

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