Patricia Kaas – Ticket for Zermatt Festival and how to get them

Hi everybody,
This morning I tried to get tickets for the concert Patricia Kaas is doing at the Zermatt Festival at the 15th of April 2015.
It didn’t work. You can only try to order through the German part of the website, but when you are at the shipping you get stuck and you can’t go on.
On top of that, the seats in front of the stage are 200 Euro (240 Swiss Francs)! That is ridiculous. There are other tickets with a price of 80 Euro (95 Swiss Francs).
Zermatt Unplugged management gave me a tel. nr. for a Hotline where you can get tickets: 0900-325325. That is for in Switzerland. I think when you call from outside Switzerland you have to put 0041 in front of that. But I have no idea if that works.
For now I let it be. It is 850 km. from where I live. It is all a bit too expensive.

Updated. Just checked and now all is working well. :D
But  for now I let it be.

Updated again! Great news, my Russian friend Yulia helped me out, so I am going to the concert. So excited! Thanks Yulia! :D

Patricia Kaas

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