When one door closes, another one opens


18 July 2017

Hi everybody,
Why this saying? I am going to tell you.
A lot has happened the last week.
From the release of the latest album of Patricia Kaas we, as fansites, noticed that things were different.
Before it was pretty easy to get in touch with Cyril Prieur, Patricia’s manager.
I could ask questions and most of the time he gave me info and other things.
Then the new album was released.
Whenever I asked something I got an answer, but practically never any cooperation.
No setlist, no names of the band members etc.
I didn’t understand that. I, as one of the largest fansites about Patricia Kaas, couldn’t get any info.
The only answer I could come up with is, that they all wanted to do it themselves.
To control everybody.
In my life, with many ups and downs, I have learned that you can’t control people.
If there are too many rules and regulations people search for ways around those rules.
And so they should, because rules should be for the better of somebody or something and not to control them.
But ok I went on and tried to find news, photos, videos, articles etc. myself.
I love doing that and since I love Patrica’s music and performances, it was great to do so.

But then last week my patriciakaasforever Instagram was gone. I had no idea what happened.
I thought it was hacked.
I tried to contact Instagram, but they don’t have a telephone number you can call, no email address, so how to reach them?
After a lot of searching I finally found an online form in their helpcenter. I wrote to them and the next day got an answer. They asked me to make a copy of my passport and send that to them.
I did and then they restored my PK account. I was happy and hoped that was it.

Boy was I wrong. I tried to look at patriciakaasoff Instagram (the official Instagram account of Patricia Kaas, maintained by herself) and noticed, that that was gone too.
So, in my innocence, I thought she was hacked too.
So I wrote Cyril and told him how he could restore her Instagram account.
But another fan told me that she was able to see PK’s Instagram.
So Patricia Kaas blocked me!
That really did hurt me.
Why in heavens name would she want to block me?
In the last 8 years I have spend hundreds of hours to promote her.
For every concert for instance, it takes me 1,5 till 2 hours to get everything online.
I spend months to create a timeline. And I can go on like that.
And then she blocks me.

I had already noticed, that she often did put negative smilies and negative remarks with my Instagram photos. That made me feel sad. Those were normal photos, nothing out of the ordinary.
Just photos that I liked of her. I also noticed that she did put lots of negative smilies and remarks with other fans photos too.
I always think that when you don’t like something, you just move on.
And in the case of an artist, that is even better.
Because the fan loves the artist. She is special to them. So when the artist then puts a negative smilie or remark with their photo, the fan will feel miserable.
Patricia Kaas is a sensitive person herself. So why not consider the feelings of the fans a bit more?
If she doesn’t like a photo, just let it be.
And only put positive smilies and remarks with photos of fans.
Everybody would feel better, including herself.

What did I do then? I wrote to Cyril on thursday, asking why Patricia did block me.
On Sunday I hadn’t heard anything about it, so I wrote again, telling him the above story and saying that I really deserved an answer and if I didn’t get any by monday evening, that I had to close down my sites etc.
I can’t promote an artist, that is blocking me.
Cyril asked me to write an email to Patricia and he would email it to her. So I did.
It is now Tuesday and I still haven’t heard anything back.
So I have to close down my site, blog, forum, FB, Twitter and Instagram.
I really feel very disappointed, sad and also angry about all of this.
But maybe it is time to move on.
As Louise Hay says:
"Nature abhors a vacuum. When one thing leaves your life, then something else will come to take its place.
Even the loss of a job or a relationship can be a signal that something far greater is coming to take its place.
Instead of going into fear or becoming bitter, open your heart, and hope your arms wide, and say, "Even better things are coming.
I trust Life to take of me, and I am safe." Then pay attention to the good in your life."

So I thank everybody who has helped me the past few years. Without all of you I couldn’t have done it. You are the best.
And I still will go on loving Patricia’s music and performances. That hasn’t changed.
But I won’t be putting things online anymore.




Patricia Kaas Citaten

Als je 25 of 30 bent, kun je gewoon dingen doen. Wanneer je 35 wordt zijn dingen anders. Tijd is me nu meer dierbaar. Ik heb mijn prioriteiten.

Ik ben niet verdrietig, maar ik ben melancholisch. Als je je moeder verliest op je twintigste en je vader snel daarna, dan is droefgeestigheid een onderdeel van je leven.

Ik twijfelde altijd aan mezelf. Ik twijfelde over hoe ik eruit zag, over mijn lichaam, mijn stem - over alles.

Liefde is voor mij geen gezegde, geen roman...het is het echte leven!

Mijn schoonheids geheim is: rook niet en drink geen alcohol en wees gelukkig.



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