An album like in the good old times

Warner France, the record company, announced in 2015 that there will be a new album from Patricia Kaas in 2016. And at the 11th of Nov. 2016 the album was released.
This is what Patricia said: "What I would like today? An album like I made in the good old times. With original songs, that represent who I am today.
I am in my own way a popular artist and I am proud of it.
I want to create a simple sound, 5 musicians and 1,2,3 we play.
I like to listen to songs and pick new songs, share about things that touch me, create an album like I did it before, but then with a sound from now.
At the moment I like artists like AaRON, the British pianist Benjamin Clementine and the American group Alabama Shakes."

Patricia Kaas


Limited De Luxe Edition

Patricia Kaas

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"One of my favourite songs because of the atmosphere and text"